We have partnered with the team at Help One Now to further our impact in Congo. Help One Now is an organization that asks the question:


Through their work of community development and local leader empowerment, they can answer this powerful question with an equally powerful answer: it is.

We are incredibly excited to announce this new partnership. Together, we will pursue the goal of strengthening communities in the Congo and keeping families together! We are currently in the process of developing specific plans and look forward to sharing more details very soon. 

Our local leaders in Congo run a Congolese non-profit organization called Mwangaza International. We made the decision to partner with Mwanagaza after learning of the great work they have been doing in Congo for the past decade. Our desire is to empower the leaders of Mwangaza to continue their mission: 

Our mission is to bring the light and relief of Jesus to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo and to the world.
— Mwangaza International

Local Leaders:

Tresor Yenyi, Mwangaza International Founder and President. In 2004, Tresor Yenyi, a young man from the Democratic Republic, came to the United States to attend Bible college. It is during this time that his dream of changing the world turned into a calling. 

Rose Yenyi, Mwangaza International Country Director. Rose is a lawyer at the children's court of Kinshasa. She holds a law degree with a specialty in child protection and international law from the Protestant University of Kinshasa. She has been involved for 10 Years. She oversees the daily operations of Mwangaza nationwide.


Joelle Yenyi, Mwangaza International Project Manager. Joelle holds a Masters' degree in Economics and Development from the Catholic University of Kinshasa. Joelle oversees the designs and the implementation of Mwangaza projects throughout the DRC.